Who are we

Rigidframe Erectors Engineering is a young and dynamic Nigerian company that has set upon the task of solving engineering problems efficiently anywhere around the country

Our System

Rigidframe Erectors Engineering is committed to the principle of providing all their Clients with quality services/products, ensuring the achievement of the agreed specifications.
For many years Rigidframe Erectors Engineeringhas been operating a Quality System to ISO 9001, and ISO 9002. By so doing, we intend to remain a market leader by pursuing a program of continuous quality improvement.

Our Mission

The mission of Rigidframe Erectors is to provide engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients' needs in a timely, innovative, cost effective, professional & quality service manner.




Quality Construction and Engineering Consultancy, I will continue business with them.

No stress from the start to the end of our projects.

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